Strength, Diversity, Self-reliance

Growing our base...


Asian Republicans are a rising force in American politics. 

We seek the same things as all Americans; the finest educational opportunities, strong pro business environment, lower taxes and security for our families.

We desire to give our children the same or better opportunities that we have been blessed to enjoy.


Asian Americans represent the fastest growing group in the United States.   

We, as a group however, have lagged politically in identifying and promoting strong Asian American Republican candidates.

We need to ensure that diverse opinions and cultures are reflected in our elected officials at the local, statewide and national level.


We CAN make a difference however we must exercise our rights to VOTE. Low voter turnout has cost us key seats. Help us to register MORE Republican voters!

Join Asian Republicans and support  local Republican groups in your area. 

Vote for Asian Republican candidates or consider running for elective office so that our communities can be adequately represented by our elected leadership.  

What is possible

American Dream

We care about lower taxes and reducing excessive regulations which stimulates economic growth and jobs for all Americans. Keeping money in the hands of consumers to spend as they see fit helps local communities instead of government bureaucracies. 

We need to encourage individual initiative and restore the notion that the best government is the one that governs the least.

Strengthen our Educational system

Our schools have been failing our children for decades. The U.S. ranks 14th in education worldwide. 

We embrace equal educational opportunities for all racial groups and reject race-based college admission which has hurt Asian American students. Join us to fight SCA5 which allows California universities to legally discriminate against Asian students on college admissions. 

We need to allow families a choice between public, home-schooling or charter schools.  Eliminate Common Core and set measurable goals for schools in order to receive federal funding.

Safety and Self Reliance

Our immigrant relatives came to this country, often with little money, but with the hope of better opportunities for their families. Through hard work, perseverance and education, we have made great strides however much remains to be done. 

We support law and order to protect businesses and families from being targets of violent crime. We believe also that fair immigration policies are necessary to ensure the safety of all Americans. We reject any exclusions based on race or religious preferences.  

Advisory Board

Mark Tsuneishi

  • City Commissioner - City of Torrance, CA
  • Founder - Asian American Republicans (AAR)
  • Founder: UNIFYLA 
  • CAGOP,  Republican Party of Los Angeles County (RPLAC)
  • AD66 Assembly District - Republican Central Committee Member
  • Action Republicans, Beach City Republicans
  • South Bay California Republican Assembly (SBCRA)
  • Governmental Affairs Chairman - Unified Small Business Alliance (USBA) 
  • Advisory Board: Fostering Hope Los Angeles (FHLA)
  • Founder, Board Member, South Bay Youth basketball (SBY)
  • Torrance, CA  

Lisa Shin

  • Speaker at the RNC Convention 2016 
  • Founder - Korean-Americans for Trump
  • National Diversity Coalition for Trump
  • Business owner.
  • Advisory Board - Asian American Republicans (AAR)
  • New Mexico delegate to 2016 Republican National Convention 
  • Los Alamos, NM

Jonathan Kaji

  • Appointee under President George Bush (President's export Council)
  • Director, CA Office of Trade & Investment under Gov. Pete Wilson.
  • Member, CA Commission for Economic Development under Gov. Schwarzenegger
  • Board of Governors, Japanese American National Museum
  • Citizens Advisory Board, Office of Redress Administration, US Dept of Justice
  • Advisory Board - Asian American Republicans (AAR)
  • Palos Verdes, CA 

Yukong Zhao

  • Director of Global Planning - Siemens
  • President of Asian American Coalition for Education (AACE) 
  • Political & Educational Advocator
  • Filed suit opposing discriminatory admissions practices against Asian American children by Ivy league colleges
  • Author
  • Orlando, FL

Tae Kim

  • Korean Americans for Trump
  • Korean Chamber of Commerce of Los Angeles
  • Central California Korean Historical Society
  • Los Angeles World Affairs Council
  • Translator 
  • Los Angeles, CA 

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